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Are you looking for a way to get the absolute most from your workout? Maybe you have a set of specific goals you want to achieve when it comes to your fitness levels, or want some assistance to drop a few pounds and keep them off. In these circumstances and more, our fitness centers & classes provide a selection of proven techniques to help achieve your objectives.


When you turn to us for assistance to achieve the body transformation you’re aiming for, you’ll receive a personalized training and nutrition plan, as well as plenty of advice and motivation to keep on target. We understand that there are numerous reasons why sticking to a diet and exercise plan can be a challenge – our approach will help to give you the motivation and accountability you need utilizing the pioneering Merhi approach which is based on scientific information and methods.

Elite Fitness Training


We offer a comprehensive selection of techniques that are geared to your lifestyle. In addition to information and advice on diet and exercise, we also include periodic assessments to monitor progress and assist with goal setting, a wealth of tips & guidance and reminders to make sure you keep your health and fitness goals at the heart of your daily activities.


What sets us apart from the rest is our no-nonsense approach which is based on methods which are proven to work, as well as the excellent motivational skills that our trainers possess. If you want to work with experienced, enthusiastic personal trainers that are committed to making your health and well-being goals a reality, we’re here for you. Our services are available to people who live and work in Boca Raton, FL, Coconut Creek, FL and Deerfield Beach, FL. To find out more or book an initial appointment, call us at (561) 368-5554.



“Give us 1% of your time and we will give you amazing results

Our personal training Delray provides a science-based fitness program.


Most people must know that exercise and a proper diet help them live happily and healthily. But people living in the concrete jungle have to work hard in a stressed environment to fulfill their responsibilities. With increasing competition, most people have to outsmart others in many workplaces to keep their jobs or climb up the corporate ladder. Also, there are many personal and professional problems with not even having enough sleep. And there is no one to motivate you to do the exercises and do the right things like lifestyle, diet, assessments, etc. Our personal training Delray will help solve it with round-the-clock support.

Elite Fitness has the best certified personal trainer, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, for offering personalized service. We will help our clients not skip exercises by giving proper motivation and advice and advising them to avoid improper lifestyle habits or even eating unhealthy food. Our personal training Delray Beach has a science-based Merhi method of physical fitness program to provide a holistic health program to be fit and healthy. With innovative ideas using technology, we raise the bar for health and fitness in Florida.

We help achieve our clients’ fitness goals, irrespective of their existing health conditions to reach the highest fitness level. Our personal training Delray expertise in our Merhi method to train our clients scientifically. It is a science-based holistic fitness program developed by Elite Fitness for its clients exclusively. The Merhi method focuses on workouts, proper diet, assessments, and others to get the best results. By having a proper diet, our clients’ can increase their metabolic rate to reduce fat even while they sleep.

Our personal training at Delray Beach offers the highest quality of fitness and helps our clients do it the fun way. It will motivate them to do the exercises regularly and enjoy the experience. From experience, we know the joy of doing the exercises is more critical than achieving fitness goals, as it is essential to continue to keep fit for a long time. Hence, assessing the body and its condition using 3D images by our experienced personal trainer, Delray, will help our clients continue their exercises with excitement and fun. And our workouts designed by our certified personal trainer Delray Beach will further reduce the excess fat and strengthen the essential muscles to be strong and healthy.


What is our FIT 3D?


Our FIT 3D is the gold standard for tracking all aspects of our clients’ physiques to ensure maximum results. We measure BMR or body mass ratio, body composition, body measurements, body shape scoring, posture analysis, and 3D images. All of it helps to assess the stronger areas and strengthen them more. And also to identify the weaker areas, like excess fat and others, to increase the fitness regime. Our certified personal trainer Delray Beach knows the strong and weak areas by assessing our clients using FIT 3D to change their workout, diet, and others to yield the best results sooner than later


What does our custom software Fitbit do?


Our Fitbit custom software will help track all our clients’ activity levels, heart rates, and the number of steps taken daily. It will enable our certified personal trainer Delray to customize the fitness and nutrition program to follow in the gym and throughout the day. And we provide round-the-clock support for doing it with motivation to achieve fitness goals.


With the above assessing and tracking the fitness improvements, the Merhi method used by our personal training, Delray Beach, will help reduce fats with the right food that increases the metabolic rate. Upgrading the workout timings and weights will also add to muscle strengthening to be strong. Hence, our scientific approach to physical fitness programs sets standards for others to follow.


For more information about our personal training, Delray, contact us or visit our site https://bocaratonpersonaltraining.com/.