Elie Merhi

Elie Merhi

EXP: 18

Fitness and Sports Training Professional

Sports Conditioning / Personal Training / Weight Management


Elie Merhi has extensive experience with almost 30 years as a senior personal trainer providing proper weight training techniques, knowledge of the use of all equipment and expert in all types of exercise for physical improvement in the areas of strength, agility and endurance as well as vast experience in weight management.

Elie pioneered The Merhi Method, a method that guarantees you the best health and weight loss/ muscle gain results for your time and money. The Merhi Method is a well-proven science-based system that ensures clients the highest possible chance of success and embraces all aspects of the human physique from the nutritional side as well as the physical side. Elies’ goal for every workout session is to boost both your metabolic and heart rate as well as break down muscle, optimizing your ability to burn fat and build muscle.

Elie comes from a diversified background. He is half Lebanese and half Bulgarian and grew up in Spain while attending an American school. Having a love for the human physique, he started working out at an early age.



Mr. Sunshine Classic- (Nationals Qualifier) Overall Winner

Mr. Southeastern USA – (Nationals Qualifier) 1st Runner Up

Mr. Arizona- (Nationals Qualifier) 2nd Runner up


Fluent in: English





School & Certifications:

Colegio De Central Division Atletica Cultural (Spain)

International Fitness Association

Arizona State University- Exercise Science, Biology

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