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“I started with Elite Fitness to lose the last few pounds I gained after my fourth child that I was unable to lose despite eating healthy and exercising. Through Elie’s customized nutrition plan and exercise program, I was able to not only lose the baby weight but get down to what I weighed in college. The trainers at Elite Fitness in Boca Raton are knowledgeable and keep you motivated in a fun and positive way.” – Dr. Shoshana Wirtschafter*

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Brittany Parker
Brittany Parker
I have had training sessions with both Elie and Diana with Elite and I highly recommend them. They worked muscles I didn't even know I had. In just a few sessions I've had really positive results.
Tyler and Haley Morgado
Tyler and Haley Morgado
My boyfriend and I together lost 80 pounds with Elite! They are the best training company around!! I put my trust in them to transform me just follow their direction and you’ll be on your way to success 🙂 !
rebecca landau
rebecca landau
30 minutes to change your life! Amazing results, knowledgeable trainers, and always a fun workout. The team is supportive and flexible- I highly recommend !!
robby hatcher
robby hatcher
Starting a working regimen with the trainers at Elite was the best decision in my life! Trainers are all great, Elie makes it easy to be here by being super flexible about scheduling. Awesome team.
Joseph Ortlieb
Joseph Ortlieb
I’ve been training with EliteFitness for over 20 years. Elie’s trainers are top level trainers. They create a regimen customized to your physical needs and goals. Train with the best, you won’t regret it
Jan M. Rodriguez
Jan M. Rodriguez
Elite Fitness, 0 to fit in 30 Min. Looking for personal attention training, that gets you results. Check out Elite Fitness in Boca Raton on Glades Road. Highly recommend Elie and his team of trainers.
Rebekah Lima
Rebekah Lima
Amazing team ! Seen outstanding progress in short time. Makes coming to the gym and working out enjoyable ! Highly recommend elite fitness if you’re looking for fast results!!
Tyler Morgado
Tyler Morgado
I’ve been training with Elite Fitness for 3 years now and have never left. The experience with this training company is phenomenal. I lost all my unwanted weight and toned my body, I feel better than ever. These trainers care about you and your health. They teach you how to eat right and to train properly. I highly recommend this training company for anyone looking to achieve their goals! Eli is very personable and makes you comfortable. ELITE FITNESS IS THE BEST!!!

The Merhi Method

Elie Merhi owner of Elite Fitness has been doing professional personal training in Boca Raton for 30+ years. Rejecting fads,trends and non proven methods ,Elie Merhi opted only for science- based strategies in diet and exercise when he created the merhi method. The Merhi Method always involves personalized exercise and diet plans aimed at revving up your metabolism helping you build muscle and burn fat at optimal rates.

Fit 3D Full Body Platform Evaluation

This Device allows us to track every aspect of your physique by measuring body composition (lean mass, fat mass) full body measurements, body shape scoring, posture analysis and 4 point scale. This allows us to set guidelines for fat loss while building and or maintaining lean mass.

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Everything it takes to make you successful

Every member of the Elite Fitness team is trained in the Merhi Method. Merhi Method Certified Trainers follow the system developed by creator Elie Merhi to ensure your success. The Merhi Method takes every aspect of your lifestyle into consideration. Furthermore, as a client, you are free to contact a certified personal trainer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives you all the flexibility a busy lifestyle demands.*

Remember, it is possible to be fit and healthy and to have a busy lifestyle.

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Our Process

Stay Motivated With Fun Personalized Workout Programs

Our Professional Elite Fitness Trainers know how to make sure you have a great time even as you workout and focus on your Health and Fitness Goals. By keeping you motivated, we help you look and feel your absolute best as you complete your workouts in a fun, positive and motivational way.
If you have been searching for The Best Personal Training Team in Boca Raton or The Best Fitness Instructors around Boca Raton, you can depend on Elite Fitness for Real, measurable Results.


Here at Elite Fitness, we use the Merhi Method, a well proven science based system that ensures clients the highest possible chance of success. Our goal for every workout session is to boost both your metabolic and heart rate as well as breakdown muscle, optimizing your ability to burn fat and build muscle.*


We offer customized nutrition plans along with our Fit 3D full body platform system and our 9 point stat system, allowing us to ensure your success at Elite Fitness.


Flexible scheduling at your convenience with our expert Merhi Method trainers.

30 or 60 minute sessions with real results.

Accessibility 24/7

Always haven of your questions answered any time of day as part of the Elite Fitness program.

Elie Merhi / Master Trainer

Give US 1% of your time and WE will give you amazing results

Owner Elie Merhi, determined to make a health and fitness system to suit the busy lifestyle, developed the Merhi Method. The most optimized, efficient, and effective body transformation system in existence.

Elie Merhi

Stay Motivated With Fun Workout Programs

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It isa proven fact that exercising is essential for a Healthy and Happy Life.Our Boca Raton Personal Trainers will motivate you through your workouts to lose fat, gain muscle and look and feel young and healthy. Unlike other Personal Training Facilities, Elite Fitness uses The Unique Science Based Merhi Method to boost heart rate and metabolism. It ais a unique System designed to burn excess fat and build muscle in order to be healthy and avoid ailments.

The Gold Standard for tracking every aspect of your physique to ensure maximum results!

Measuring: Body Composition, BMR, 3D Images & Body Measurements, Body Shape Scoring, Posture Analysis & 4 Point Weight Scale!

FIT3D Fit By Design



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Boca Raton fitness personal trainer helps you to be fit and healthy

It is a proven fact that exercise is essential for a healthy and happy life. Our best Boca Raton personal trainer gym will motivate you to work out, and to lose that extra fat and look young again. Unlike other gyms, Elite Fitness personal training uses a unique science based, Merhi method to boost heart rate and metabolism. It is a unique system to burn excess fat, and to build strong healthy muscles and avoid any ailments.

The unique Merhi method is proven to yield excellent results and has the name of our master trainer Elie Merhi. Each of the Boca Raton-certified personal trainers from Elite Fitness also has enough training from our master trainer to use the result-oriented Merhi method. It applies the dual effect of increasing the metabolism rates to reduce fat and the proper exercise to build strong muscles. Hence, using our certified Boca Raton fitness personal trainer will help anyone reduce fat and still have a muscular, strong body.

The best gym for personal training Boca Raton which people have is Elite Fitness. Our master trainer asks only one percent of the time for anyone to provide an optimized, effective, and efficient body transformation with the proper exercise. The one percent of time is 14.4 minutes of every day’s 1440 minutes. It will convince even the busiest people in Boca Raton to spend less than 15 minutes and be more energetic. Our personal fitness trainer Boca Raton makes our clients fit and young, in less time of exercise using our unique Merhi method.
Our personal trainers can help busy people to do their exercises effectively within a few minutes. We have been the best gym for personal training in Boca Raton for many years. We set standards for others to follow by providing a personalized fitness regime for busy people to complete fast and stay healthy. Our certified physical gym trainer will professionally provide weight training, weight management, and training efficiency.

• Our weight training using the Merhi method by our certified physical trainer Delray Beach boosts the metabolic rate to burn fat fast to ensure that our clients reduce weight to look young and beautiful
• Weight management by our certified physical fitness trainer, Boca Rotan, uses our Fit 3D body platform system and our special Fit-bit tracking to lose weight and have a fit body.
• Training efficiency provided by our Boca Rotan certified personal trainer is ready for flexible scheduling as per the convenience of our customers to give result-oriented sessions ending in thirty to sixty minutes.

Our certified physical trainer, Delray Beach is the best to give holistic training with a proper nutrition diet for a complete transformation of our clients. It includes transforming the body to look fit and young, rejuvenating the mind, and soothing the soul. Our clients’ testimonials are enough proof of the expertise of certified physical gym trainer Boca Raton in Elite Fitness.

Call now or fill out the contact form and know what our Boca Raton personal trainer can offers you! 30 MINUTES, 30 DAYS = 30 POUNDS