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The majority of U.S. adults find themselves in a fast-moving, downward health spiral. Most frustrating for them is that they cannot find effective ways to halt or prevent it. Situations range from health being affected by a busy lifestyle with no room for exercise; being unsure about what constitutes a good diet and the accumulation of excess fat that nothing you do seems to budge. For decades, the certified personal trainers at Elite Fitness have guided clients through a stream of health and fitness hurdles. Three + decades ago, anticipating the current health and obesity crisis, Elite Fitness owner, Elie Merhi, was determined to develop a health and fitness system to suit the busy lifestyle. The Merhi Method was Born. The most optimized, effective body transformation system available today!
Elite Fitness Training

On a scale of one to Elite, how do you measure up?

The Merhi Method starts with a fitness assessment.

  • FIT 3D Gold Standard Full Body Metrics Platform covering Body Fat %, BMR, 4 point scale, posture analysis, full body measurements and full digital 3D image to start you and keep you advancing on your journey.
  • Nine point body stat evaluation determines body fat % and sets guidelines for fat loss while building and or maintaining lean mass.
  • Nutrient metrics are calculated for calorie intake as well as nutrient percentages.
  • Par-Q Medical profile provides you with your comprehensive health status.
  • We also offer blood panels for metabolic disorders, low testosterone and low HGH levels (optional).
Your completed program is available on your personal membership page to track progress and receive updates, recommendations and recipes. Feel free to share your before and after photos with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
Fitness Assesment in Boca Raton

Boca Raton personal trainer

The unique Merhi method is proven to yield excellent results and has the name of our master trainer Elie Merhi. Each of the Boca Raton-certified personal trainers from Elite Fitness have extensive training from Master Trainer Elie to use the result-oriented Merhi Method which applies a dual effect of increasing the metabolism to reduce fat and the proper exercise to build lean strong muscles for a healthy “YOU”, therefore, using our certified Boca Raton Personal Trainer will give you the best results possible.

The best gym for personal training Boca Raton that people could have is Elite Fitness. Our master trainer asks only one percent of the time for anyone to provide an optimized, effective, and efficient body transformation with the proper exercise. Our personal fitness trainer, Boca Raton, makes clients fit and healthy with minimal time exercising using the unique Merhi Method. Our personal trainer, gym Boca Raton can help busy people to do their exercises effectively within 30 minutes. We have been the best gym for personal training in Boca Raton for many years. We set standards for others to follow by providing a personalized fitness regime for busy people to complete fast and stay healthy. Our Elite Fitness Certified physical gym trainer will professionally provide weight training, weight management and training efficiency for amazing results.


Here at Elite Fitness, we use the Merhi Method, a well proven science based system that ensures clients the highest possible chance of success. Our goal for every workout session is to boost both your metabolic and heart rate as well as breakdown muscle, optimizing your ability to burn fat and build muscle.*


We offer customized nutrition plans along with our Fit 3D full body platform system and our 9 point stat system, allowing us to ensure your success at Elite Fitness.


Flexible scheduling at your convenience with our expert Merhi Method trainers.

30 or 60 minute sessions with real results.

Our certified physical trainer, Delray Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida, is the best to give holistic training with a proper nutrition diet for a complete transformation of our clients. It includes transforming the body to look fit and young, rejuvenating the mind, and soothing the soul. Our many clients’ testimonials are enough proof of the expertise of certified physical gym trainer Boca Raton in Elite Fitness. Why is our Merhi method unique for successful weight loss and having a healthy body? Our master trainer Elie Merhi created the Merhi method based on science to offer a personalized fitness regime, including a diet for being fit and healthy. All the Boca Raton certified personal trainers in Elite Fitness have enough experience training clients in the Merhi method. Its scientifically proven method reduces fat by metabolism, and workouts as a combination of these two yields good results. The Merhi method involves the following personalized training for our clients.
  • Workout plans for clients to gradually increase strenght
  • Each client requires a proper personalized diet plan to reduce fat and add muscle
  • Tips, support, and guidance throughout the exercising journey with us to do the best and avoid injury
  • Assessments are done periodically using the gold standard Fit 3D to maximize results