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On a scale of one to Elite, how do you measure up?

The Merhi Method starts with a fitness assessment.

  • FIT 3D Gold Standard Full Body Metrics Platform covering Body Fat %, BMR, 4 point scale, posture analysis, full body measurements and full digital 3D image to start you and keep you advancing on your journey.
  • Nine point body stat evaluation determines body fat % and sets guidelines for fat loss while building and or maintaining lean mass.
  • Nutrient metrics are calculated for calorie intake as well as nutrient percentages.
  • Par-Q Medical profile provides you with your comprehensive health status.
  • We also offer blood panels for metabolic disorders, low testosterone and low HGH levels (optional).

Your completed program is available on your personal membership page to track progress and receive updates, recommendations and recipes.
Feel free to share your before and after photos with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Fitness Assesment in Boca Raton