The majority of U.S. adults find themselves in a fast-moving, downward health spiral. Most frustrating for them is that they cannot find effective ways to halt or prevent it. Situations range from health being affected by a busy lifestyle with no room for exercise; being unsure about what constitutes a “good diet”; and the accumulation of excess fat that nothing seems to budge.*

For decades, the certified personal trainers at Elite Fitness have guided clients through a stream of health and fitness hurdles. Two decades ago, anticipating the current health and obesity crisis,Elite Fitness owner, Elie Merhi,, Elie Merhi, developed a health and fitness system to suit the busy lifestyle. He was determined to make the Merhi Method the most optimized, effective body transformation system in existence.*

The Merhi Method

Rejecting fads, trends, and non-proven methods, Elie opted only for science-based strategies in diet and exercise. The Merhi Method always involves personalized exercise and diet plans aimed at revving up your metabolism and helping you burn fat at optimal rates.*

Fit 3D Full Body Platform Evaluation

This Device allows us to track every aspect of your physique by measuring body composition (lean mass, fat mass) full body measurements, body shape scoring, posture analysis and 4 point scale. This allows us to set guidelines for fat loss while building and or maintaining lean mass.

Enjoy Personalized Support:

  • Workouts
  • Diets
  • Tips & Guidance
  • Reminders
  • Assessments
  • Everything it takes to make you successful

Every member of the Elite Fitness team is trained in the Merhi Method. Merhi Method Certified Trainers follow the system developed by creator Elie Merhi to ensure your success. The Merhi Method takes every aspect of your lifestyle into consideration. Furthermore, as a client, you are free to contact a certified personal trainer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives you all the flexibility a busy lifestyle demands.*

Remember, it is possible to be fit and healthy and to have a busy lifestyle.

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