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My name is Isaac Miranda. I was born in Miami, FL and raised in Ecuador. When I turned 16, paintball became my passion. I began playing locally amongst great players in my country. Within a few months, I was playing around the world. Eventually, I rose amongst the ranks and became the best paintball player in Ecuador.

When I returned to Florida, at the age of 18, I began lifting weights seriously. With my newfound hobby, I didn’t have time to professionally play paintball anymore. At that point in my life, I decided that fitness was my main priority and my true passion.

I competed in my first ever Men’s Physique Show for the NPC after a one year; I placed 4th in the whole competition. This achievement showed me that I was capable of doing great things so I began to work harder to become a Men’s Physique Competitor.

Over the course of 3 years, I competed 7 times. In November of 1014, I competed in Nationals and received my Pro Card. I am now an IFBB Pro Men’s Physique Competitor.

I am proof to my friends, family, and followers that you can achieve anything if you continue to work hard for the things you are passionate about.

I want to be able to share my knowledge and passion with everyone so anyone who is willing to listen will be able to create a lifestyle centered around fitness. I want to bring about inspiration to those who want to improve their health and need help reaching their fitness goals.

“Never say you can’t until you try it”


4th place NPC Anna Level Open Mens physique 2012

3rd place Teen NPC Souther States 2012

1st place NPC Ruby Championships Open Mens Physique 2012

1st place Teen & 3rd place Open NPC Florida Gold Cup 2012

2nd place NPC Anna Level 2013 Open Mens Physique

2nd Place NPC Europa 2014 Open Mens Physique

2nd Place NPC Nationals Miami 2014 (Pro Card Earned)

For as long as I can remember I have been into physical activities, everything from competitive horse back riding to competitive figure skating. I remember hiring my first personal trainer when I was 18 years old. From that point on I always wanted to have the best body I could have. Through the years I have had several trainers and have always looked good, but when I met my husband to be Elie Merhi, he brought my body to a whole other level. I was amazed at what a change my body had made.

Having spent all those years thinking I was doing it right made me think of all the other people out there that “thought they were doing it right” and it made me want to help. I got certified for personal training and joined my husband Elie and started using the Merhi Method to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. There is nothing more gratifying than witnessing a client transform and the happiness it brings them.

I have been personal training for over 10 years and I love it more today then ever. I am 110% dedicated to helping each and every client achieve their goal!

Fitness and Sports Training Professional

Sports Conditioning / Personal Training / Weight Management


Elie Merhi has extensive experience with almost 30 years as a senior personal trainer providing proper weight training techniques, knowledge of the use of all equipment and expert in all types of exercise for physical improvement in the areas of strength, agility and endurance as well as vast experience in weight management.


Elie pioneered The Merhi Method, a method that guarantees you the best health and weight loss/ muscle gain results for your time and money. The Merhi Method is a well proven science-based system that ensures clients the highest possible chance of success and embraces all aspects of the human physique from the nutritional side as well as the physical side. Elies’ goal for every workout session is to boost both your metabolic and heart rate as well as break down muscle, optimizing your ability to burn fat and build muscle.


Elie comes from a diversified background. He is half Lebanese and half Bulgarian and grew up in Spain while attending an American school. Having a love for the human physique, he started working out at an early age.



Mr. Sunshine Classic- (Nationals Qualifier) Overall Winner

Mr. Southeastern USA – (Nationals Qualifier) 1st Runner Up

Mr. Arizona- (Nationals Qualifier) 2nd Runner up


Fluent in: English





School & Certifications:

Colegio De Central Division Atletica Cultural (Spain)

International Fitness Association

Arizona State University- Exercise Science, Biology

Spending time on things that will make you better physically and emotionally are the best investments you’ll ever make.

When you train with me, I will set you up with a process called the Merhi Method that will allow you to consistently grow, enjoy your life, and produce results that you are really after.

I believe that ones body will follow the mind. The most important thing about fitness is trusting the process and truly believing that you can finish a workout or stick to a diet plan; your body will follow. What you want in the long term far outweighs what you want in the moment. Here at elite fitness, I will make those long term goals become a reality. I will help not only improve your appearance, but also boost your confidence and mood. Results are 200% guaranteed in the very first week you begin training.

 I am here to help and make it fun so that the hard work is not something you feel you have to do, but something you want to do. I want to share your path to your own success the same way my coach did with me.

Hey there!

    After clicking on my picture you clearly already figured out my name. However, for those who might have missed it, I am Chiara. Besides the fact that I work as a Personal Trainer for Elite Fitness in Boca Raton I was born and raised in Germany and moved to Florida three years ago. Also, I am currently in the process to obtain my degree in the Exercise Science & Health Promotion Department at FAU, which allows me to the best Trainer and Coach I can possibly be and to share my knowledge with my clients to make sure that they become the greatest version of themselves.

    “Project YOU, Create the Lifestyle You want” is and will always be my motto and what I am trying to preach to my clients the most. If you want to change your lifestyle you have to focus on yourself. Your goals, your time and your commitment! I truly belief in coaching and the fact that having the right people around will get you closer and closer to you goal. However, at the same time I do believe in hard work and willingness to be better, to want more in life and to evolve in every aspect. Fitness has allowed me to evolve into the person I am today and I am confident that it will do the same for you!